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Neurosculpting® workplace solutions offer brain training and mindfulness approaches for individual, team, and organizational wellness.

Sustainable change starts from the inside out

Neurosculpting® Brain-based Workplace Improvement

Business Relevance

The traditional methods of employee wellness, performance management, and leadership development must evolve with the global needs of today’s market. It’s time to discover and implement brain-based strategies currently emerging from the latest research on the body-mind connection. Cutting-edge companies and their people take a whole-brain approach toward business productivity. What would happen if your organization’s talent identified and changed unconscious, unproductive brain-based patterns that stood in the way of their success?

Helping You Achieve Your Business Goals

Our trademarked approaches teach application-based mindfulness tools for any level of employee. These tools help employees identify their current work patterns and behaviors, which in turn empowers them to create other more productive mental and behavioral strategies. Consistent application of these tools can become part of your organizational strategy for meeting both business and professional performance goals.

Our courses empower organizations with sustainable tools that empower teams to be productive and positive. With so much research behind the benefits of a mindfulness-based approach to business strategy, workplace wellness, stress management, and leadership development our methods delve deep into whole-brain thinking to create strategic personal and organizational wellness.



Apply strategies and tools for workplace stress management


Develop proactive and engaged employees


Create organizational balance with workplace wellness


Take preventative steps to increasing workplace satisfaction


Execute and inspire brain-based leadership

What Organizations Are Saying

“Neurosculpting is a practical meditation. I feel lighter and refreshed after.”
-Don Lemeck, CFO
Issak Bond Investments

“Neurosculpting provides the tools to assist me in transforming my life. Amazing!”
-Melanie Harder, National Sales Director
MicroAire Surgical Instruments

Interested in Offering Neurosculpting® at Your Business?

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