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Neurosculpting® for kids and youth created by moms trained in the art of Neurosculpting® experienced from the heart of being a mother.  Offering brain training and mindfulness approaches for individual, and group wellness.

Sustainable change starts from the inside out

Neurosculpting® After School Group

Our Neurosculpting® Kids Afterschool Club is where your child can tap into their creativity, their intelligence and their imagination to learn the ABCs of mindfulness!

Through crafts, visualization, stories, games, movement, mindfulness techniques, and guided mediations designed just for kids. Club kids improve their emotional regulations, turn on their higher thinking skills and feel empowered to put their best self forward each day.

“I’ve seen remarkable improvement in kids who have worked through the Neurosculpting® brain training program.  You can see it on their faces when they’re settling down and focusing on their breath.  It also helped me as a teacher, to learn new ways to give my students a break during the day.  I think we’re all better for it!”
-Trent M.

A Day at Neurosculpting® After School Includes

  • ATTENTION: We teach kids how to take brain breaks when they need them to learn how they are in control of their attention. The power to control your attention expands into your child’s sense of positive, strong self-esteem and aides in the achievement of goals.
  • BEHAVIOR: We show kids how to manage their behavior with emotional downregulation techniques that help manage their stress. The power to better manage stress and anxiety improves your child’s health and emotional regulation, while helping them learn accountability for their own actions and reactions to life.
  • CREATIVITY: We help kids turn on their innate creativity and their higher thinking by learning how to upregulate their pre-frontal cortex. The power of making creativity an ally allows your child to be in charge of their own story allowing them the freedom to feel safe to be themselves in the world.
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