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Neurosculpting® workplace solutions offer brain training and mindfulness approaches for individuals, teams, and organizations looking for comprehensive stress management strategies.

Sustainable change starts from the inside out

Stress Management

Our Stress Management programs deliver high-impact onsite or online trainings designed to help your organization use brain-based tools and practices for optimal performance. We accomplish this through field-tested, off-the-shelf programming or via custom solutions designed for your unique set of goals.

Benefits of our Neurosculpting® Stress Management solutions include:

  • Improved emotional self-regulation
  • Enhanced practices for mental clarity
  • Improved solutions to unhealthy coping skills
  • Increased on-the-job satisfaction
  • Growth in human capital equity

Characterized as “the Nation’s fastest growing occupational disease” by the National Council on Compensation Insurance, stress has become a major issue for corporate leaders today.

~ The American Journal of Health Promotion

Delivery Systems

We deliver our solutions in a variety of ways to best suit your organization. We highly value an onsite presence and feature highly trained Neurosculpting® consultants and facilitators to conduct onsite trainings. We also have distance learning options for video conferencing or self-paced learning immersions. Our Neurosculpting® sales representatives will help you design the best package to meet your organization’s needs.

Modular options include:

  • 2-hour, 4-hour or full-day content delivery events
  • Follow-up content events
  • Customized programming
  • Executive overview session

Power Package Upgrade:

Neurosculpting® Yoga and the Body Current® somatic practices can be added to all packages for the most comprehensive approach to stress management.

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