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Us and Them

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“As the world has sped up and become more efficient, we have the luxury of time in which to think, reflect, ponder, stew, and even fester.  how I define me derives from a story I constantly tell myself, and the premise this: I am a unique individual separate from “you”.  To me, this is our modern folklore….If our individual perspectives dictate who we are, and we define ourselves as separate from (or in competition with) the rest of you, then challenge, territorialism, and threat, rather than ease, permeates all of our interactions.  Can you sense the “us and them” dilemma?” (NEW BELIEFS, NEW BRAIN, 4).  What if you made an effort today to be more inclusive with just one new person, or chose to look at just one thing from someone else’s perspective?  What, then, is possible?

New Beliefs, New Brain due out Nov, 2012

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