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5 Tips To Design Your Personal Meditation Practice

5 Tips to Design Your Personal Meditation Practice

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We often discuss different ways to meditate, the numerous and varied benefits, who suggests it, and why… But how do we take all of that useful information and apply it to our daily lives?  The answer is going to be different for everyone, but here are 5 tips to get you moving in the right direction towards developing your own personal practice.

1) Carve out time: Start with just 5 minutes/day that are just for you, gradually try to build up to 10, 15, even 20 minutes.  Try not to get down on yourself if you have to scale back to 5 minutes, sometimes our days are hectic, overwhelming, we lead busy lives, meditate on that.

2) Create different options: There are so many different forms of meditation available to you, try them ALL!  Chances are high you may find one, or many forms that you enjoy.

3) Join a group: It can be easier to learn new techniques with the support of a group.  The Neurosculpting® Institute offers many beginner classes, some even during your lunch break.

4) Remember your goal: Keep a journal of your meditation practice and your efforts to start one.  At the beginning of your journal clearly list out the reasons you started meditating in the first place.

5) Know there’s an end in sight: Once you have attained full enlightenment, you can totally stop your meditation practice.  Nothing is permanent…

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