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A Smile a Day can Enhance the Month of Romance!

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The month of February is the month of romance.  For some of us that adds extra pressure, and paradoxically can even cause depression.  With a little self-nurture we can begin to shift this disposition.  The muscles of the face, unlike most other body muscles, communicate with the brain stem rather than the spinal cord.  This unique scenario is a relic from an amphibious gill structure.  This enables the face to play an important role in the orienting process to detect safety or threat, and in the interpretation and creation of emotional states and empathy.  As infants, when we recognize the joyous face of our mothers we translate that into a sense of safety and emotional well being.  We even mirror this smile.  Recent research in this field has indicated that the more we smile, whether the situation is joyous or not, the more we will create that joyous interpretation to the fight-or-flight center through the muscles of the face.  Dr. David Eagleman, Neuroscientist at Baylor College, speaks about these studies in his book Incognito: Secret Lives of the Brain.  What would your month be like if you chose to smile during your commute everyday?

To learn more about how to take control of certain mood states and rewire old patterns read New Beliefs, New Brain on sale through Amazon.

You can also watch this 5-minute Neurosculpting® mini lesson to get started.

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