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Anti-depressants Vs. Meditation

Anti-depressants vs. Meditation

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IF you are on antidepressants…PLEASE understand this post is not meant as a critique of your healing process.

Based on many studies, including one published in JAMA jama in 2010 by Fournier, antidepressants were no more effective in changing serotonin levels than the placebo in mild to moderate depression.

HOWEVER, both the placebo and drugs had mild to moderate effect…they had virtually COMPARABLE effects.  If the placebo effect is created by changing one’s belief about reality, then would it be possible to put attention and focus towards creating new beliefs about one’s health in order to cultivate the placebo effect at will?  This is the process of intentional and positive neuroplasticity which defines the nature of our thoughts as effecting the structure and function of our brain.

If you knew how powerfully your thoughts could affect your life would you treat them differently?  

Would you make time to manage your thoughts through meditation?


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