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Befriending Fear By: Travis Rumsey

Befriending Fear by: Travis Rumsey

This time of year, we love playing with fear.  Some of us love terrifying ourselves at haunted houses, while others get a thrill out of curling up under the covers and watching a scary movie.   During the rest of the year, there is no shortage of other ways to scare ourselves; roller coasters, rock climbing, bungee jumping, riding a bike fast downhill, or simply doing something we’ve never done before.  All of these fun scary activities put stress on our bodies.  This kind of stress is called eustress.  This is the kind of stress that excites us, and makes us breathe heavily.  We usually calm down relatively quickly once the eustress is over.  This kind of stress is actually healthy for us (exercise is another form of eustress) as it can ultimately have a calming effect on our nervous systems.   The opposite of eustress is just plain old stress, distress, the kind that builds up, drains our energy, and leaves us susceptible to illness.  This everyday stress comes from fear as well, but it’s a fear we believe in.

We often make friends with eustress, and invite it into our lives.  But, almost always we shun or badly handle plain old stress.   We push stressful feelings away, when what we should be doing is making friends with this day to day stress.  Ignoring stress or medicating it only buries it and does little to relieve it in the long run.  This buried stress can leave us more reactive to future stress and definitely more prone to all of the other negative influences of stress.  Illness, being overweight, poor relationships, and poor sleep are some of the more common results of living a stressed out life.

You’re might be saying, “I don’t want to be friends with stress, I just want it gone!”   Whether or not we like it, stress is our friend.  Stress exists to initiate our ability to react and take action.  Without it we wouldn’t survive very long.  Where we run into trouble is when our modern culture offers us plenty of opportunity to react, but precious little room to take action.  So, we have to take action for our own sake.

I’m not recommending lashing out to those people or situations that cause you stress.  I’m suggesting you take control of your reactions so you don’t get stressed out in the first place.  You have more control over your thoughts and reactions than you might realize.  If you know the right set of protocols, it’s easy to begin training your brain to react in different ways.  Not getting stressed out actually leaves you more capable to attend to the important things in your life.  You’ll have a clearer head, and a more present awareness of what is really going on around you, rather than simply spending most of your energy suppressing built up stress.

Neurosculpting is the simplest and quickest way I’ve found to make a U-turn on how I deal with stress and how it affects me.  Getting a handle on stress has opened up space in my life for more enjoyment of important activities.  It’s made every one of my relationships flow more smoothly.   And it allows me to smile and be productive even in the middle of a stressful day.

neurosculpting_institute_travis.jpgTravis Rumsey

Spending his life hell-bent on finding real keys to inner peace and a fulfilling life, Travis has finally discovered a few of them.  Neurosculpting is one of those keys…a very major key.  He’s found Neurosculpting to be fun, easy to do, and definitely effective at clearing hidden blocks that keep us from moving forward.

Travis gets excited explaining the science behind Neurosculpting, as well as leading people to a real and transforming experience of having a choice in their life’s direction.
In his private coaching practice, Travis helps clients clear a path to an understanding of their essential selves, which opens them to a life of strength and effectiveness.
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