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Body Current® integrative workplace solutions offer simple body-centered intelligence skills for all levels of management.

Empowered leadership through embodied intelligence.

Body-Centered Intelligence

Our Body Current® modality provides simple, practical and applicable body-centered awareness tools and breath-based personal regulation techniques to heighten body intelligence, increase job performance and enhance overall well-being.

Benefits of our Body Current® solutions include:

  • Empowered body-centered leadership
  • Improved execution of daily work flow
  • Enhanced emotional regulation, clarity and vitality
  • Increased ability to navigate daily stress
  • Improved vagal tone and nervous system function
  • Enhanced inter-personal performance

Work stress related to sitting and other factors comprises 21.5% of corporate health spending, 40% of hiring entry-exit costs, 50% of unplanned absences and 33% loss of manpower.

~ Preventative Medicine Reports, Volume 3

Delivery Systems

We deliver our solutions in a variety of ways to best suit your organization. We highly value an onsite presence and feature highly trained Body Current® consultants and facilitators to conduct onsite trainings. We also have distance learning options for video conferencing or self-paced learning immersions. Our Neurosculpting® sales representatives will help you design the best package to meet your organization’s needs.

Modular options include:

  • 2-hour, 4-hour or full-day content delivery events
  • Follow-up content events
  • Customized programming
  • One-on-one coaching

Power Package Upgrade:

Neurosculpting® Yoga somatic practices can be added to all packages for the most comprehensive approach to whole-brain, whole-body leadership.

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