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Body Current® Intelligence Practice: Peak 8 Training By Shanti Medina

Body Current® Intelligence Practice: Peak 8 Training By Shanti Medina

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4-Care2_Heart-Intelligence-443x267-webEnjoy this simple yet highly effective practice to boost your fitness level, ignite your innate intelligence and improve your overall brain function in 2015!
Builds cardiovascular endurance, lowers body fat, and maintains metabolic health while effectively increasing the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH).  HGH is a synergistic, foundational biochemical produced in the pituitary gland which plays an important role in promoting overall health and longevity of our vital organs, heart function, brain neurological health, and metabolic regulation.
TIME NEEDED: 20 MINUTES two-three time per week
*Peaks your heart rate (HR) to the anaerobic zone (oxygen depleted – rapid breathing) for 20-30 seconds followed by bringing your HR down to the aerobic zone (oxygen transported – deeper breaths and you can speak between breaths) for 90 seconds. *Cycle through this pattern for 8 reps.
An example would be sprinting, cycling or rapid walking for 20-30 seconds followed by 90 seconds of jogging or slower cycling or walking repeated for 8 reps.
Dr. Mercola’s Peak 8 training works to increase your overall health and engage your Body Current intelligence in the following way:
*Increases production of HGH with the high intensity bursts of cardiovascular training which engages the super-fast muscle fibers.
*Brings you into the present moment through heightened and engaged awareness of the body intelligence response to intervals of intensity and sensory perception.
*Allows the body/mind intelligence to entrain with the rhythmic pattern of the interval training and align with the cadence of your breath. This stimulates your 10th cranial nerve which is the master regulator of your nervous system.
Shanti-Medina-Body-Current-286x289 More about Shanti:
Shanti Medina, RYT CPT CNSF created Energize training systems and Body Current® therapeutics after 15 plus years designing personal therapy and transformation programs for clients infusing simple and highly effective yoga therapy and nueuromuscular exercises with the mindfulness practices of awareness, acceptance and allowing. Her highly applicable Body Current® modality combines the latest research in neuroscience with evidence-based and empirically proven teachings of the ancients to awaken the innate mind/body intelligence. She is a certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator and is a faculty member of the Neurosculpting Institute in Denver, CO where she teaches her Body Current® curriculum as a part of the Neurosculpting® Facilitator Certification program. Shanti is most respected for her ability to support her clients and students in transformation and self-realization. Her simple and highly accessible embodied mindfulness tools create a safe and highly effective environment for healing and empowerment.  She and her husband recently released a double-CD of sacred sound and yoga therapy practices entitled SoMAntra™. Shanti is also the Marketing Director for the national non-profit, Give Back Yoga Foundation.  To find out more about Shanti visit
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