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Body Current® Intelligence

Did you know slow motion cuts through commotion? Simply by slowing our breathing, our movements or our thoughts, we slow down our brain waves, fuel the Prefrontal Cortex of the brain and regulate the flight, fight and freeze center of the limbic system creating a fertile ground for neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity, refers to changes in neural pathways and brain synapses which result from changes in our behavior, our environment and our neural processes, as well as neuromuscular changes resulting from physical or traumatic brain injuries.

At a time not too long ago, the medical community believed the adult brain was a static organ with change occurring only in the reduction of brain cells as we age. It has now been proven that our brain is “plastic” and we can grow and train our brain by the choices we make.  We can actually prune back old conditioning and trauma patterns simply by slowing down in the present moment to pay focused attention to our thoughts and actions rather than reacting to past conditioning or predicting a specific outcome.  With open awareness, child-like wonder and acceptance of what is showing up in the moment, we influence the neural activity of our brain by stimulating new neural excitement to form new pathways.  This allows for a shift in our conditioning within the innate current of mind/body intelligence.

The Body Current® modality is a revolutionary empowering system of body-centered awareness that goes deep to release stress and trauma quickly. It infuses simple and transformative yoga therapy and nueuromuscular exercises along with scientifically proven mindfulness practices of awareness, acceptance and allowing through the field of sensory perception.  These highly accessible and transformative practices have proven to mitigate stress, eliminate chronic pain, heal systemic disorders and align the mind, body, and spirit by engaging in the current of innate, somatic wisdom. Try this exercise below to experience your Body Current® intelligence and begin shifting your neurology.

Body Current® Intelligence Exercise:

Give yourself permission to fully experience this exercise. This is profoundly simple, yet the most important aspect of turning on and listening to your Body Current® intelligence. With earnestness and intention, you give yourself permission to shift conditioning and perceived limitations.

Awareness: What are you aware of in this moment through the field of sensory perception?  What do you taste, see and feel? What smells are you aware of in the moment? Slow down your breathing to more fully take in this awareness.  Choose one sensation at a time to fully experience with child-like wonder and notice how your field of awareness expands.

Acceptance: Without judgement, resistance or predicting, can you fully accept all that is showing up in each moment?  If thoughts come, notice them and accept them but do not follow them or go into the story behind the thoughts.  If the sensation of pain shows up, accept that sensation without labeling it or attaching it to a past event or experience.  Become aware of how the sensations and thoughts are impermanent simply showing up like a wave in the frame of the present moment.  Meet each thought and sensation with a field of open awareness and acceptance. Continue to take slow, deep breaths.

Allowing:  Allow for a shift to occur as you experience this moment for the very first time with fresh eyes and open, accepting awareness.  Often times this allowing is very subtle.  Notice any thoughts and actions that come up that are not allowing.  Can you find some gratitude in what you are experiencing?  Practice self-compassion and continue slow breathing as you notice any perceived limitations arising. Continue to practice acceptance and deep awareness with all that is expressing through the moment.

This empowering exercise can also be done by slowing down our movements along with our breathing. Try this practice while walking in nature, washing dishes, standing in line at the grocery store or even when you find yourself being triggered by a life event.

A moment of awareness occurs in a split second leading to our innate Body Current® intelligence coming online. With this activation, we begin to reprogram old conditioning and lay down new neural grooves or pathways.  With a daily practice of deep awareness, acceptance and allowing, we begin to invite the innate Body Current® intelligence to guide our actions and choices leading to neuroplasticity and an overall sense of well-being and sustaining health.

Enjoy and let me know how it goes!

Shanti Medina 1Shanti Medina, RYT CNSF CPT created the Body Current® modality after over 15 years designing personal therapy programs for clients infusing simple and highly effective yoga therapy and nueuromuscular exercises with the mindfulness practices of awareness, acceptance and allowing.  These highly accessible and transformative practices have proven to mitigate stress, eliminate chronic pain, heal systemic disorders and align the mind, body, and spirit by engaging in the current of innate, somatic wisdom.  To find out more about Shanti, visit her website:
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