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Brushing Your Teeth to Keep Your Brain Healthy?

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Neuroplasticity is our ability to rewire new brain connections, learn new things, and create new neurons.  All of this magic keeps us cognitively young, sharp and engaged in life.  A key part of this process is long term potentiation (LTP).  In order for LTP to happen which is critical for higher level performance, memory encoding, activation, and healing, one must have neurons that fire simultaneously…like lighting up two different points on a map at the same time until they sync up. To do this intentionally, you can start by choosing a simple activity to do with your non-dominant hand, like brushing your teeth. Each time you do you can repeat and think a thought or phrase you’d like to associate with that new map. What is possible when you take a moment to approach life from a different angle with intention?

Neurosculpting® is a fusion of neuroscience and shamanism designed to create long term and lasting changes in the brain.  We’d love to see you in our first ever online 6-week Neurosculpting® course beginning Sept 3!  Click here to see a full description.

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