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Can Learning NOW Prevent Alzheimers?

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Alzheimers is a feared and dignity-stripping blight on many of our images of old age.  Recent research in neuroscience notes that those with Alzheimers have a shrunken hippocamus–inhibiting their ability to create new memories and access old ones.  Amazingly, the more you learn and keep your brain cognitively active TODAY can have influence on your predisposition to a graceful old age.  In recent studies the size of the hippocampus and cerebral cortex grew rapidly in those who learned a new language.  Additionally, those who grow up bilingual are less likely to suffer from Alzheimers.  We CAN grow our gray matter by exercise.  What one NEW thing will you choose to ponder today as part of your cognitive exercise program?

You can learn more about how to exercise your brain in NEW BELIEFS, NEW BRAIN.

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