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Can We Program Creativity?

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Each time we learn something we create a neurological map embedded with the information from our experience.  We then store this for reference throughout our lives.  Each time we reference it in a new situation we have the opportunity to add the new situation’s information to the map, making the map broader and more complex.  The broader the map is, the more option or entry points we have to engage it.  Imagine how much easier it would be to access something in a room that had ten doors vs. a room that had only one door.  Imagine how many more different perspectives you’d have of that same room if you entered through a new door each time.  Prof. Sapolsky of Standford defined creativity in this way: the broader the neurological map, the more options one has for unique perspectives.  He correlated creativity to broader maps.  So what if you were to begin telling yourself a new story today, full of rich detail about who and what you wanted to be in this world.  What if you were to broaden the map of who you are?  What more is possible for you when you stop repeated the same old story?

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