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Compassion Meditation Rewires Brain’s Emotion Circuitry

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What if meditation and thoughts of compassion could rewire our reactions to others?  If you could heighten your empathic abilities and connection to others, would you?  A recent neuroscience abstract in PlosOne indicates we actually can do this very thing through meditation.  “Together these data indicate that the mental expertise to cultivate positive emotion alters the activation of circuitries previously linked to empathy and theory of mind in response to emotional stimuli.” What would change about your life if you cultivated some more compassionate thoughts today…perhaps even compassionate thoughts about yourself?

Simple Neurosculpting® Daily Practice

  1. Begin your day by listing 3 things you are grateful for about yourself, your strengths, or your skills.
  2. Stop at midday to consider another person’s point of view…even someone you are not fond of.
  3. End your day with a list of 3 things you are grateful for about someone else.

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Lisa Wimberger
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