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Feeling Good Creates Lasting Memories

Feeling Good Creates Lasting Memories

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What if you could squeeze all the richness and vitality out of your experiences and program that into your memories so that each time you remembered it you accessed vivid and alive detail?  


What would you choose to hold onto?

What would you then pay attention to?


It has been proposed that stimulating dopamine, our feel good neurotransmitter, can help us encode experiences more deeply into our stored memories.  Recently, Emrah Düzel, neuroscientist at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases and the University of Magdeburg gave even more evidence of this relationship.


To stimulate dopamine yourself perhaps try laughing a bit more during those experiences you’d like to remember.  You could also begin seeking ome novel approaches to mundane tasks to strengthen the experience, like using your non-dominant hand to dial the phone, stir the soup, or brush your hair.

What magic can unfold for you later in life as you charge each moment today with a lasting energy?



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