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Emily Geisler

Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator
Work Phone: 509-421-1238Website:
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Emily has a passion for helping others and considers herself blessed be certified in
Neurosculpting. Educating and guiding others in the Neurosculpting Process and
helping them to regain control over their life is a joy both for her and her clients. She is
super compassionate, personable, friendly, calming & sincere. The many benefits of
Neurosculpting have profoundly impacted her. She is truly a walking testimony of the
reality of Why Neurosculpting is important and How much it can Transform one's life.
With first-hand experience in many traditional western therapies and medical practices
for her diagnosis she found through personal life experience that nontraditional
therapies and modalities were much more effective in managing her illnesses. When she
discovered Neurosculpting her life transformed in a matter of months in ways that
doctors had said would probably never happen. Getting certified to share this powerful
modality was the logical next step. Aside from her Neurosculpting Practice, Emily

volunteers regularly at Alatheia, a P.A.T.H. Intl. Therapeutic Riding Center, the
Wenatchee Youth Circus and TEAMS Early Learning Center. She is also working on her
P.A.T.H. Intl. Certification and Health Coach Certification. She devotes her spare time
to her family as well as her love for Art and Design, utilizing her talents to inspire
healing, happiness and whimsy through all aspects of her work and life.
“I love helping others learn about Neurosculpting and become aware of just how much
power and control we truly have over our own health and quality of life. It means so
much to me because I’ve been there. I’ve been told that there was no hope. No cure. That
I was Broken. For LIFE. Not only did NS teach me that I am not Broken, but it gave me
exactly the tools I needed to control and overcome what so many doctors told me I never
would. Not only does NS give one hope, but it gives you the tools to achieve it and so
much more.”

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