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Emily Huber

Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator, LMT RYT, Reiki Master, CPT and Life Coach
Cell Phone: 646-259-1451
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Emily Huber has been a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist since 2003, getting her degree from The Swedish Institute, College of Health Sciences. Emily continued her studies  through multiple continuing education courses; she went on to become a reiki master, a registered yoga instructor, certified personal trainer and certified master  life and wellness coach. The full brain and body approach of NeuroSculpting® drew her in like a magnet. Practicing the 5 steps of NeuroSculpting has given her more tools and enabled her to show up in her best possible self. NeuroSculpting® took Emily’s meditation, and self care practice to a deeper and more full place. As she witnessed her practice transform, she realized that she’d already begun (unofficially) incorporating NeuroSculpting® into her work with her beloved clients and community. Now as a certified NeuroSculpting® Facilitator, Emily loves sharing the full body and brain approach of NeuroSculpting®, by incorporating it with therapeutic bodywork, reshaping yoga classes, and wellness coaching. Getting certified during the pandemic feels like divine timing to Emily. It’s definitely a gift to be able to help people balance their nervous systems in this extra unpredictable time. 

Emily lives and works in St. Joseph Michigan, and is currently offering NeuroSculpting® through  Zoom sessions. She is full of gratitude, and would love to dig in with you!


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