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Molly K. Campbell

Certified Neurosculpting Facilitator, MBA, Certified Cold Laser Expert
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Biographical Info

Molly Campbell was a Wall Street portfolio manager of $1B, corporate
COO, VP, business and personal coach, and an alternative healing
practice partner. She is now a solo entrepreneur, Cold Laser and
frequency healing practitioner, trained in multi hands-on and hands-off
healing modalities whose lifelong talent and affinity for non-traditional
coaching and healing shines in her Neurosculpting® practice.
Molly began receiving Neurosculpting® sessions for crisis management
during a cataclysmic time in her life. Then, when the COVID lockdown
came soon after, Molly, a new widow, embraced full immersion in the
online training program to become a Certified Neurosculpting®
Facilitator. She wanted to develop an unfailing toolkit to address fears,
nervousness, anxiety, and uncertainty as well as calm erratic emotions
and free herself from limiting thoughts and beliefs.
Molly has the personal trial by fire experience and daily developed habits
to know with complete confidence that Neurosculpting® can change
lives. Molly offers comfortable, convenient, safe and private
Neurosculpting® sessions via Zoom.

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