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Theresa Pearce

Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator
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Theresa Pearce has been in the Complementary Health Care field as a manual therapist and somatic educator for over 35 years. Always interested in what brings individuals towards experiencing more health and well-being in life she began studying bodymind modalities at Kripalu and completed a bodywork certification there in 1982. In 1984 she had a session of the Rolf Method® of Structural Integration and was inspired to complete training and become a Certified Rolfer® in 1987. Since then Theresa has practiced as a Rolfer® and Somatic Educator while also continuing to explore and become certified in systems that offer transformative change and lasting results.This includes certification in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Touch For Health, Reiki, The Elaine Petrone Method, IRest® Meditation, Feng Shui, and Neurosculpting®. Her other areas of interest and study include arts in all forms, hanging with good friends, being in nature, sustainable living practices, ergonomics, restorative movement practices, and cooking beautiful and healthy food grown by herself or a farmer she knows.

Theresa found Neurosculpting® while she was healing from body and brain injuries sustained in a car accident. Immediately she recognized the simple, elegant and empowering benefits of this method of brain entrainment and dove into the experience of sculpting her brain with healing and positive narratives that brought her steadily into a greater sense of well-being. Excited by her results and eager to be able to offer this method to her clients she continued studying, immersing, and sculpting. In the beginning of 2016 she completed her Tier 1 certification and has enjoyed sharing this transformational process with clients. She is grateful for the opportunity to offer something which brings positive results to people of any age who want to re-write their narratives around subjects such as stress, body image, abundance, leadership, health, and relationships.
Theresa has a belief that there is nothing like a liberal dose of humor and lightheartedness to bring us towards an experience of a “well embodied life”. She wonders what it would be like for your experience of this method to go deep and also be lifted with a spark of joy. Perhaps your wellness story is being re-created right now as you become more interested in Neurosculpting®. It happens like that sometimes.
Individual sessions available by appointment in person or online. For those interested in retreats, professional development or corporate trainings Theresa and her network of Affiliated Professionals can help you create the perfect event for your group. Home base is in West Michigan but our reach is worldwide.
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