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Fountain Of Youth By: Kelley Seriano

Fountain of Youth by: Kelley Seriano

Fountain of youth is about connection with others and myself. As I continue to celebrate my birthdays I find it pretty amazing that I feel younger each year. My fitness levels have gotten better and I am authentically happier with age. Amazing how wisdom rushes over my body and through my veins while meeting people and hearing their stories. Without much second guessing I can get a 20 second read on their experience and advise.  Growing older is so damn exciting, especially when it comes to intimate connections and conversations. As I maintain my fountain of youth while aging my sexual life has never been better. I really feel grounded in saying my body has become more of a temple and I discern what enters and exits, with total confidence – making sex magical. I attribute the ability to ground to Neurosculpting®. We use something called the grounding cord. It allows me to stay rooted in reality.

The fountain of youth led me to dancing too! Dancing has been a part of my life for years, and for some reason I feel lighter and more flexible while staying stable and strong on my feet. While dancing I feel no need for comparison or second guessing myself, I just move. I do pay much of this found confidence and wisdom to a Neurosculpting® Meditation called Neurosculpting® a New Body Image. This meditation illuminates our insecurities so we are able to wash them away and then pulling in love and acceptance to our body.

Gratitude has also increased as I discovered the fountain of youth. I don’t have a charmed life and didn’t grow up with anything handed to me except for authentic love. I have been in constant lime light lifestyle my entire life – which can be a recipe for disaster! Sometimes when performers or lime light individuals are faced with another year older they turn to face lifts and plastic surgery or even overdose on drugs. Yet, my personal development studies led me to Colorado and then meeting Neurosculpting® which led me to being my own superhero and utilizing a set of Neurosculptin® tools which help manage my stress and better myself. While keeping my stress levels under control I am able to maintain a healthy body image and desire to connect with others. I truly believe that Neursculpting® is the Fountain of Youth.

Kelley SerianoKelley Seriano

I was born and raised in Chicago IL and hold a business degree.  I grew up in a family of strong work ethic, my father and mother never took days off for vacation or called in sick. This foundation causes me to stay highly motivated and disciplined. My days were spent as a child through college were spent dancing for at least 4 hours and studying for 3 while managing a full class schedule.  Today I business consult with all sized organizations, and have been for the past 15 years. I stay on top of my passion for fitness, fundraising events and spending time with loved ones. Neurosculpting® helped me cultivate greater balance, authentic joy and develop techniques for stress management. Along with over 400 hours of brain study I am a also certified in Yoga Instruction and Mat Pilates. Blending meditation with my life has allowed me to live fully!

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