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Germs in Your Mind

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What if your behaviors were like a groove in a record and once you got locked into it you played the same song, over and over?  What if you could simply pick up the needle and play a different song?  Would you?  The laws of neuroplasticity say that we can.  In an interview with David Bohm in The Holographic Paradigm and Other Paradoxes he notes, “Pressure probably originates in this non-manifest consciousness and then it manifests.  And as it manifests it comes back in to pollute this non-manifest consciousness further, and then it piles up.  So we could say all pressure has basically one germ, all the confusion.  And the insight into that germ will remove that germ and allow the whole thing to clear up.  Now, when it clears up, you know, even as you start to clear it up, energy starts to rise and builds up. . . Energy has also been called passion.  In other words, clarity and passion together are needed.” (77)  What’s one germ you can remove from your mind today?

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