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Goal Directed or Avoidance Directed?

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Science is showing us that the left prefrontal cortex activates more with individuals who are goal-directed, and the right prefrontal activates more with individuals who are avoidance-directed. Consider this ad: “Floss regularly to avoid gum disease” vs. “Floss regularly to have healthy gums”. The first ad will motivate the avoidance-directed people, and the second ad will motivate the goal-directed people because they are each wired differently. Where do you find your motivation? How can you shift your goals to best motivate your particular brain-disposition?

If you’d like to learn more about how to identify and repattern your thoughts and dispositions consider taking an in-person or online class with us!  You can see our class schedule here.

If you prefer reading please enjoy New Beliefs, New Brain, a manual for Neurosculpting® or watch this brief discussion.

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