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Is Turmeric the Door to Enlightenment?

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Neuroscience and fMRI’s now tell us that insight and higher-order thought processes such as empathy, unity consciousness, and a sense of one-ness all occur in the prefrontal cortex of the brain.  We also know that stress and fear strengthen the mid-portion of the brain called the limbic system.  A stressful life causes the mid portion of the brain to gain dominance over the front, sometimes inhibiting the higher-order thought processes and cutting us off from insight.  Damage then occurs to the hippocampus, locking us into this cycle.  BUT the spice Turmeric has been shown to charge up our mitochondria–the batteries of our cells–which then reduces the free-radicals we produce and actually begins to repair the hippocampus, giving us back the ability to renegotiate stress patterns and begin to move back into prefrontal thought.  How much better could your life be if you began sprinkling some turmeric on your eggs, in your soup, in a tea, grated the root over pasta, or even ate it in capsules?  What’s stopping you from incorporating a power-house stress buster that’s been hiding discretely on your supermarket spice shelf?

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