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Is Uncertainty Limiting You? You’re in the Ellsberg Paradox!

In studies done in 2005 is was shown that when faced with uncertainty we become limited and take less risks, often creating a perception of “worst case scenario”.  In the Ellsberg Paradox groups were presented with this task.  They were asked to pick cards from decks.  Indviduals were told that the certainty deck contained 1/2 blue cards and 1/2 red cards. They were then told that an other deck may contain either all red or all blue cards.  The probability of picking a red card was virtually the same in either scenario, yet individuals were more likely to take a risk at winning (picking the red card) when offered the certainty deck.  So even when the stakes are the same, uncertainty causes a distortion in the way we asses upcoming events.

Where is uncertainty in your life causing you to distort the story you buy in to?

What could be possible if you removed these limitations?

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