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Neurosculpting® for kids and youth created by moms trained in the art of Neurosculpting® experienced from the heart of being a mother.  Offering brain training and mindfulness approaches for individual, and group wellness.

Sustainable change starts from the inside out

The ABCs of Neurosculpting® Brain training for optimal learning and emotional regulation


Attention:  Through the use of neuroscience-based techniques, students learn how they are in control of their attention.  We teach students how to take brain breaks when they need them and how eating well can help them pay better attention in class, thereby improving their grades.

Behavior:  Through the emotional down regulation techniques taught by the Neurosculpting® Institute, students learn how to manage their behavior.  In an age when anxiety and stress is high, our tools help students down regulate their stress response while learning to become accountable for their actions.

Creativity:  Creativity occurs in the prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain that is intentionally nutured through the Neurosculpting® process.  The imagination becomes a student’s ally when they use their Neurosculpting® tools to decrease stress, further instilling a spirit of creativity in their lives.


kids coloring


Apply strategies and tools for youth stress management


Create organizational balance with student wellness


Develop proactive and engaged students


Execute and inspire brain-based leadership

What Organizations Are Saying


“He gained so much from the experience!  I catch him ‘shaking it out’ all the time and he’s calmer and more collected than I’ve seen him in years.  Thank you!”
-Kim S.

“I love it!”
-Hayley K.
8 year old

“I’ve seen remarkable improvement in kids who have worked through the Neurosculpting® brain training program.  You can see it on their faces when they’re settling down and focusing on their breath.  It also helped me as a teacher, to learn new ways to give my students a break during the day.  I think we’re all better for it!”
-Trent M.

Interested in Offering Neurosculpting® at Your School?


Follow this link to fill out our application so we can begin to get acquainted.

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