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Ladies, This is your Brain on PMS!

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As we know our brains and emotions are intimately linked in a dance facilitated by hormones, neurotransmitters, and a myriad other stimuli.  So it stands to reason that if women experience a radical hormonal flux each month, that their brains might respond accordingly.  Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, author of The New Feminine Brain notes that “before ovulation, women are more likely to hear things through a positive mood filter.  After ovulation, during the premenstrual time, a woman is more likely to hear negative emotions with her right brain/left ear.  During these two weeks, the left-brain filter is disengaged and she can see and hear uncensored and undiluted intuitive information.  Some women’s changing estrogen and progesterone levels trigger them to express emotions inappropriately, but there are way to find relief from this…” (107)  What could change about your relationships if you could identify before-hand what your brain would do with incoming data?  What could change if you had a meditation practice that adapted or even increased during these heightened states so the resonance of these emotional waves didn’t stick?

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