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Lisa Wimberger
Founder and CEO of the Neurosculpting® Institute

Lisa Wimberger


Lisa Wimberger is the founder of the Neurosculpting® Institute.  She holds a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Stonybrook, NY and a Foundations Certification in NeuroLeadership. Her work draws upon her background in medical neuroscience. She is the author of NEW BELIEFS, NEW BRAIN: Free Yourself from Stress and Fear, and NEUROSCULPTING: A Whole-Brain Approach to Heal Trauma, Rewrite Limiting Beliefs, and Find Wholeness. As the Founder of the Neurosculpting® modality Lisa runs a private meditation practice in Colorado teaching clients who suffer from stress disorders, and she is a faculty member of Kripalu Yoga and Meditation Center, and the Law Enforcement Survival Institute.

Lisa began her meditation practice at age 12.  Hit by lightning at age 15, and clinically dead on multiple occasions, Lisa uses her traumatic experience as a vehicle for transformation. Lisa studied Ascension training for four years with Ishaya monks. She completed four years of psychic awareness training, applying the tools of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and is trained in Autogenic Hypnosis. Lisa is the Founder of  the Trance Personnel Consulting Group and Ripple Effect, LLC.  She has created and facilitated leadership trainings for executive teams in Fortune 500 companies, the Colorado Department of Health Care and worked individually with international management. She has created and facilitated Emotional Survival programs for Colorado Law Enforcement Agencies and peer counsel groups. Lisa writes for the Elephant Journal and CopsAlive. Additionally, Lisa’s services are sought on a national level by individuals in law enforcement looking to find a new way to navigate through their stress patterns.  Lisa is a public speaker, and has addressed audiences ranging from corporate leaders to FBI and Secret Service.  Lisa is a member of the National Center for Crisis Management and ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association).  Her mission to share practical and powerful stress management techniques to those in need caused Lisa to develop her Neurosculpting® programs combining neuroscience principles with mindfulness and energetic modalities.

Megan Rundle
Manager of Operations and Franchise Compliance



Megan has been a part of the Neurosculpting® community for the past four years and has enjoyed managing our growing trainer community for the past two.   With her experience in sales and managerial work she brings a unique base and flow for the Neurosculpting® team.   Megan is an excellent communicator and problem solver, a dedicated Yoga practitioner and a generally healthy living lady. She is a perfectionist but is aware that not everyone is, she has an open mind and has plenty of experience managing all different types of people from all walks of life. Megan has traveled and volunteered throughout Asia and Hawaii living a mindful lifestyle and absorbing all she can through the environment and her relationships. Some of her personal enjoyments include; going to live shows, practicing Yoga, walks with her family, and spending time with friends. Megan currently lives in Denver, Colorado with her partner Don, the family dog James Franco and their new baby Tripp!! Contact Megan at

Michelle Lee Weldon, LPC, E-RYT, CNSF
Director of Neurosculpting® Yoga & Corporate Trainer



Michelle is the Director of Neurosculpting® Yoga and a Corporate Accounts Trainer at the Neurosculpting® Institute, an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher Trainer, a Licensed Body Centered Psychotherapist, and a Meditation Instructor based in Denver, Colorado. She has participated in conferences nationally and internationally in the fields of Yoga, Psychology and Neuroscience. She has been seeing clients and providing consultation services for almost 20 years and has worked extensively with teens and adults addressing Personal Growth, Anxiety, and Depression, Trauma, ADD/ADHD, Adoption/Attachment and Mood disorders. Michelle holds a special interest in providing Resiliency Training for first responders and mental health professionals, as well as dabbling in Social Entrepreneurship and Lifestyle Design. You can check out more info at

Travis Rumsey, CNSF
TRE® Program Coordinator


Travis, CNSF loves explaining the science behind Neurosculpting, as well as guiding people to the transforming experience of creating choice in their life’s direction. In addition to being a Neurosculpting® facilitator, Travis is also a TRE® – Trauma & Tension Release Exercises – provider.  He has deep, first-hand experience of how bringing the body into the Neurosculpting® process through TREs enhances and amplifies personal growth.  He teaches these exercises to new CNSFs, as well as to the general public, helping them get the most out of their Neurosculpting® experience.

In his private coaching practice, Travis helps clients clear a path to an understanding of their essential selves, opening them to a life of strength and effectiveness. He’d love to hear from you at

Susan Aplin Pogue
Director of Corporate Programs & Development



Susan focuses on the development and support of our corporate client programs.  Joining our team after extensive time in both the natural foods and financial services industries, she brings over 20 years of corporate management and training to the Neurosculpting® team. Her experience in strategic planning, human capital assessment, training program design and delivery, and execution-focused project management gives our corporate clients an internal partner at the institute who creates results-oriented, skills development programs. If your organization is looking to develop a resilient, focused, and effective workforce, please contact Susan at to start a solutions-based conversation on how our Neurosculpting Corporate Programs ® can be a cornerstone in your human capital plan.

Erin Livers
Holistic Nutrition Educator



Erin, BA ICNT is the Holistic Nutrition Educator for The Neurosculpting® Institute. Along with her private practice in Nutrition Therapy, Erin regularly educates many groups about health, nourishment and their body’s ability to thrive. She is on the faculty at Bauman College and adjunct faculty at the Colorado School for Clinical Herbalism. She is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Her integrative approach to nutrition therapy combines Nutritional Anthropology, Functional Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Intuitive Counseling, which supports her clients to discover how to nourish their bodies with food and nurture themselves in all aspects of life. By nourishing ourselves, we create the foundation for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Erin resides in progressive Boulder, Colorado where she tends vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers in her organic garden before creatively cooking and eating them. You can learn more about Erin on her website at or contact her at

Vija Rogozina, CNSF
Pacific NW Lead Facilitator


Vija is an international educator with meditation experience of over 20 years. Born in Latvia, Vija has lived and worked in the Netherlands, UK, Thailand, India, Colorado and currently lives in Seattle, WA. She speaks four languages fluently and one day hopes to master one more. She is a certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator & Tier 2 Fellow, and has a B.A. in Social Work and a B.A. in Communication. She studied at the University of Leeds, UK, School of Social Work in Latvia, University of Utrecht in the Netherlands and the Academy of Film and TV in Delhi. Vija has practiced meditation in varying forms since her late teens and undergone Buddhist study with Sakyong Mipham at the Shambhala Buddhist Center. She is also a 200 hour certified Kids Yoga instructor, a visual artist and a published author. Vija came to her first Neurosculpting® class with Lisa Wimberger in 2011 when she was faced with unaddressed PTSD and ADD patterns. Neurosculpting® has helped Vija to create a more integrated path in her professional and personal life. Always a seeker, Vija has been pursuing knowledge of human condition and self-discovery, especially after having a spontaneous out-of-body experience and multiple dream visions. A single parent and wellness entrepreneur, she walks her talk and applies self-awareness skills daily. She is in constant awe of unlimited human potential and is honored to be able to share powerful Neurosculpting® tools in the Pacific Northwest and globally. She works with private clients and groups, improving her clients’ journey through life. Email:, Website:

Tamme Buckner, CNSF
Youth Program Outreach Coordinator



Tamme Buckner believes that every individual has the innate ability to balance Body, Mind and Spirit. As a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator and Tier 2 Fellow, Certified Vedic Astrologer, 200 hour Certified Yoga Instructor and Certified Reiki Master she possesses many skills to help create and maintain this delicate balance in this often fast paced, stressed and chaotic world we all live in today. Tamme has always been a seeker and walks this path with a smile guided by her heart. She wholeheartedly believes meditation is one of the greatest tools to help create the space that encourages the ability to flow through the highs and lows of life with grace and ease. In her role as the Neurosculpting® Institute Youth Program Outreach Coordinator Tamme has been able to share and empower children with mindfulness techniques, meditation tools and the wisdom of the power of their own thoughts. She is honored to be able to share and facilitate the Neurosculpting® classes in a group setting and is also available for private consultations for Neurosculpting as well as Vedic Astrology readings. Find out more at

Una Viggiani
Domestic & International Retreats Manager



Una Viggiani is an artist, yogini, world traveler and inspired instigator. She earned a degree in Fine Art from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and her Masters degree in Education at the University of Denver, but ultimately learned the most traveling the world on a solo journey that lasted two years and took her to 22 countries. She discovered yoga as a way to balance the demands of teaching, but it soon became much more than that. Yoga became a way of life for Una and making the shift from art teacher to yoga teacher came naturally. Now, she combines her love of art, yoga and travel by teaching workshops and organizing retreats allowing the physical, creative and spiritual realms to merge into one. Contact Una at or Bella Retreats.

Kelley Seriano, CNSF
Corporate Accounts Representative



Kelley was born and raised in Chicago, IL before calling Denver, CO home. She brings sixteen years of corporate experience and global travel. Her knowledge and skill set have allowed her to develop unique programs designed to improve the workflow process of human capital management.  Kelley is a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator and credits much of her success to the integration of the Neurosculpting® tools of stress management into her corporate management as well as her personal well-being and career.  As the NSI Corporate Accounts Representative and Facilitator, Kelley supports the growth and expansion of Neurosculpting® into the corporate world to improve productivity and reduce administrative tasks to increase efficiency and profitability.  Contact Kelley at

Sophie Miller



Sophie began her journey on the yoga mat in 2008 in Madison, Wisconsin, and has been nothing short of headstand-over-heels in love since day one.  She moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2011 in order to expand her practice, shift her perspective, and pursue her undergraduate education, eventually graduating in 2015 with a degree in Business and certificate in Socially Responsible Enterprise at the University of Colorado at Boulder. In 2013, she became a Yoga Alliance certified instructor.

Sophie wholeheartedly believes in the inimitable, transformative physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits that yoga is capable of providing, and is passionate about making yoga and mindfulness accessible to everybody and for every body. Sophie humbly and enthusiastically serves the Give Back Yoga Foundation in Boulder, and is honored to join the Neurosculpting® Institute in its mission in mindfulness. She finds immense joy in and gratitude for the opportunities to contribute to communities in which she has found their visions and purposes to be reflections of her own.

When not practicing or teaching, Sophie can be found running local trails, skiing, and spending time with family and friends, basking in Boulder bliss all the while. On and off the mat, she is constantly seeking alignment in right thought, speech, and action. Contact Sophie at 

Ryan Regier
Twitter Intern


Ryan Regier started his life in Colorado in 2001 when he moved to Golden from Fort Worth, Texas. Colorado School of Mines was his college of choice as it allowed him easy access to the mountains for snowboarding in the winter and the ability to play collegiate golf at the Division II level. He enjoyed school in Golden so much that graduate school was next, where Ryan pursued and completed a M.S. and Ph.D in Metallurgical Engineering.

After two years of engineering consulting work, Ryan decided to book a one way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand and travel SE Asia with his partner, Erin. They traveled for six months learning about new cultures, volunteering in different locations, and expanding their perspectives. Travel was life changing.
After returning to the US they settled back into Denver and live in Capitol Hill. Ryan currently works as an Information Technology professional and recently started his social media management company, Organic Media Solutions (OMS). OMS helps business owners effectively manage their social media platforms.  Ryan and Erin plan to travel extensively in the coming years as they build their location independent lifestyles. The beach is calling!
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