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Michelle Weldon About Integrating Mindfulness & Psychology

Michelle Weldon about integrating mindfulness & psychology

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1106737625_2933c92390_z“One of the reasons I love travel and meeting new people is because it leads to things like this! Serge Prengel is a colleague I met at the Advances in Meditation Research conference in New York I presented at earlier this year. Here, he interviews me about how I integrate Yoga and Neurosculpting® into Psychotherapy and Coaching sessions.”

Weldon-MichelleMichelle Lee Weldon blends Yoga, Psychotherapy and Neurosculpting® to help her clients create sustainable change by re-wiring new patterns and habits into their daily routines.  She is a guest lecturer in several Yoga Teacher Trainings across the country, a national presenter in the field of mindfulness and is the co-creator of Neurosculpting® Yoga. In addition to teaching yoga classes and providing individual coaching and psychotherapy sessions, Michelle provides professional mentorship to therapists and coaches interested in creating a successful practice integrating yoga, meditation and psychotherapy.

Michelle is a Licensed Professional Counselor, an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and a Certified Neurosculpting Fellow based in Denver, Colorado.  In her spare time she dabbles in social entrepreneurship and writing and loves the ocean, world travel and being generally ridiculous.

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