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A NeuroSculpting Program to Harness Your Personal Power
Ready to activate your fullest potential for the new year?
Learn from some of the world’s most brilliant minds
A NeuroSculpting Program to
Harness Your Personal Power
Ready to activate your fullest potential for the new year?
Learn from some of the world’s most brilliant minds
The most powerful player in your life is your mind.
This self-paced master series will reawaken your full potential by teaching you the practical steps needed to prime your mindset for the life you envision and are worthy of experiencing. As you set your intentions for the new year and reflect on this one, consider this your invitation to a new kind of awakening.

In Mindset: Harness Your Personal Power, you will have exclusive access to some of the world’s most innovative minds and successful entrepreneurs.

In intimate, one-on-one conversations with Neurosculpting founder Lisa Wimberger, you will learn how they gained the tools to overcome life’s greatest challenges and flourish. The timing of these conversations could not be more relevant to today’s ever-changing world.

We are going to dig deep and get to the heart of the matter:

There is no limit to your success, other than the limits you place on yourself. 

It’s time to harness the power already within you!

Begin your journey to genuine fulfillment now. This immersive series will help you transform any challenges in your life into positive lessons and channels for success. Your professional, personal and mental health will be stronger than ever. Set the tone for your new year now by joining this invitation to your highest potential.

This class answers the call for anyone searching for:
  • Legacy in life that is more than just superficial.
  • Easy to use practices to navigate uncertainty and stress due to the state of the world.
  • Clarity on what you’d like to experience in your life for true fulfillment.
  • Deep connections to self and/or others beyond superficial validation.
  • Increased brain health with tools that address the source of any emotional imbalances you feel.
  • A mindset geared toward releasing fear, anxiety, and social expectations.
In this exclusive, five-part master series you will learn:
  • How successful people view challenges and failure in a way that makes them turn these moments into lessons and vehicles for growth and greater success long term.
  • How to optimize your brain, body, and emotions to position themselves for more resilience, adaptation, regulation, and success.
  • How to apply tools and practices to harness your personal power to improve relationships with others and yourself.
  • How to clarify your personal and professional goals, and to define the legacy you want to leave in your lifetime.
Learn from some of the world’s most brilliant minds
Ready to Join Us?
In addition to powerful conversations with our mindset experts, each unit also contains:
  • Transcripts of each 40 – 60-minute conversation with our world-famous mindset experts.
  • Access to a private Facebook group to establish community and dig deeper toward your goals. Much of the self-pace work you will find here in the FB community.
  • A powerful, custom guided meditation from Lisa Wimberger to integrate content.
  • A reflection discussion from Lisa Wimberger on the conversation with a mindset expert and powerful neurosculpting tools to activate in your own life.
  • A worksheet to help you activate and embody the content
  • Evergreen archived content available any time you need it.
When you sign up for the Mindset program you’ll also receive these supportive bonus resources!
Mindset interview with world-famous Elena Brower discussing calm after the chaos

Elena has been helping people tap into their authentic sense of self for decades. She is no stranger to courage and grit as a path to centeredness. She shares her raw emotions and some amazing revelations about how we can use this time to tap into our greater strengths.

Video Class with Lisa Wimberger: Demystifying the Law of Attraction

As much as we’d like it to be true, simply wishing for something and saying a mantra is not enough. In this class you’ll learn about the neurodynamics of what your subconscious is really asking for. You’ll discover clear steps to take that will align you with your goals.

Guided Meditation Download for Body Relaxation

This meditation walks you through the 5-step NeuroSculpting framework and helps you get in touch with your greater influence over your own body.

Guided Meditation Download for Recentering and Releasing Overwhelm

This meditation walks you through the 5-step NeuroSculpting framework to help you identify areas of stores stress and release contracted states in the body and mind.

Meet Our Mindset Experts
Our Guest Expert:
Emily Schromm
Learning to BE instead of DO

Are you addicted to “doing” or find yourself exhausted in your pursuit of reaching your goals? Despite the constant wheelhouse of work and productivity that we may find ourselves in, there is a way to get off this constant loop and plant our feet in firm, abundant ground. Learning to understand what our bodies are telling us will change the course of our lives. From the foods that we eat to the thought patterns we create, our bodies will always relay a message of imbalance.

In this powerful session, Schromm will share her own journey of battling chronic physical ailments, releasing the expectations of her childhood, and how the lessons from opening numerous businesses led her to harness her own personal power for success. This talk with Schromm will help you identify how your mindset can turn any problem into solutions that work for you, not against you. Your whole life will change once you learn how to BE and not DO.

Emily Schromm is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, personal trainer and serial entrepreneur who helps others empower themselves by way of food and movement. Her journey with nutrition began after realizing she could use food to heal from the inside out, and her passion for teaching others how to do the same.

Specializing in gut health, adrenal repair, and herbal remedies has led to a career spanning five companies and three verticals of business including online programming, physical products, and a brick and mortar gym, Platform Strength in RINO, Denver.

Emily most recently published her first book, The Process and also launched an online monthly digital publication, EMPRESS.

Our Guest Expert:
Dr. Paul Scheele
Becoming the Architect of Your Own Learning and Growth

We are all here to recognize and practice our gifts. If you are ready to hone in on your “why” and passion in life with a clearer mind, this months’ topic is your first step. Paul Scheele, an expert in learning and leadership development, will share the actionable steps you can take each day to enhance your mindset and become the architect of your own growth and success. In this powerful conversation, you will understand how small steps toward your goals can prime your brain for big results.

You will receive tools to release the fear of ambiguity and approach it with a curiosity that is inherent in all of us. You will learn how to stay focused on your goals at hand, despite any temporary setbacks or flight or fight modes that your mind has relied on in the past. Join Paul and Lisa in this conversation on the endless well you can draw from to prime your mindset for success.

Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D., is the CEO of Scheele Learning Systems, a company dedicated to helping leaders create more brilliant results through transformative learning. His expertise in human development, leadership, and transformational change has influenced leaders around the world for more than 35 years. Dr. Scheele’s programs in accelerated learning, problem-solving, creativity, communications, and leadership development have been used by individuals and organizations worldwide. He is the author of the bestselling books, PhotoReading, Natural Brilliance, and Drop Into Genius.

Dr. Scheele is also the founding partner of Learning Strategies Corporation, a premier publisher of personal development programs. His published work includes over 70 learning programs that have been translated into more than 19 languages and purchased by enthusiastic clients in 185 countries. 

Our Guest Expert:
Jody Levy
What it Takes to Overcome
Challenge and Limitation

Are you ignoring what your body is trying to tell you or find yourself questioning how to push through physical or mental challenges? In this vulnerable conversation, entrepreneur and artist Jody Levy shares how years of physical pain led her to a mindset of determination to help cure others.

Levy will share her tools to achieve a more balanced state and how making time for the things you truly love will unlock a mindset of freedom. With a healthy prefrontal cortex, your access to creativity is endless. If you feel limited by a circumstance in your life, this conversation will help you hone a mindset of solutions instead of victimhood.

Jody is an artist, designer, director, educator, entrepreneur, executive and investor from the Detroit area who lives between Denver and New York City. Jody is the founder, creative director, and Chief Executive Officer of a handful of companies dedicated to empowering people to be as healthy and happy as possible, including, World Waters | WTRMLN WTR, The Milk Cleanse, and NeuroPraxis.

Jody Levy is a partner, advisor, and investor in many category disrupting brands and companies connected to the clean living, wellness lifestyle space that empower people to take care of themselves and optimize their happiness and purpose. This includes companies that focus on biohacking, clean energy, personalized medicine, alternative wellness, sustainable fitness, clean food, and more. Some featured brands include GEM & BOLT Mezcal, Bulletproof, Thrive Market, Parsley Health, The WELL, Inscape, Pinata, and more.

Our Guest Expert:
Scott Kriens
Learning From Life’s Struggles

What actually matters? Amidst all the projects, deadlines, and goals you’ve set, are you clear about what your life is calling you to do? A tragedy in Scott Kriens’ life caused him to finally face what he had been avoiding and listen to the calling of his spirit. Answering this call shifted his life, and can shift yours too. 

This conversation will help you create a mindset that strives for meaningful life experiences and relationships. You will learn how to cultivate an energy that keeps you present and aligned with your vision. 

Scott Kriens, chairman and former CEO of Juniper Networks, has been in the technology industry for more than 35 years. In 1996, he co-founded Juniper Networks, growing the company to $4 billion in global sales and more than 10,000 employees in 100+ countries.

In 2010, Scott and his wife Joanie launched 1440 Foundation, a grant-making organization committed to the cultivation of truly real and connected relationships, with self and others, as a basis for living well. The work of the Foundation led Scott and Joanie to launch 1440 Multiversity, a 21st-century learning destination in the California redwoods of Santa Cruz County.

At his core, Scott is a learner and a builder, committed to finding new ways to tie the world around us to that which is real and powerful within us – whether for the purpose of building teams as a leader in the tech industry or simply as an advocate for the path to living lives of true resonance.

Our Guest Expert:
John Assaraf
When Hitting Rock Bottom Becomes a Gift of Motivation and Inspiration

Are you interested or committed? This critical question is the theme of this powerful conversation with mindset and behavioral expert John Assaraf, who used the obstacles in his own life to reframe his mindset and trajectory of life to one of incredible triumph.

This conversation will show you how creating small, manageable goals in your daily life will lead to continued success. You will learn to become more aware of the signals your emotions are teaching you and how to reframe them to remain empowered, despite any chaos or uncertainty. If you are ready to silence the voice that tells you everything you can’t do and embrace the one that activates your infinite potential, this conversation is for you.

John Assaraf is one of the leading mindset and behavioral experts in the world who has appeared numerous times on Larry King Live, Anderson Cooper and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. His latest bestselling book Innercise: The New Science to Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Power, helps individuals recognize and release the mental and emotional blocks that prevent them from achieving their goals and fullest potential.

John has built 5 multimillion-dollar companies including taking one public on NASDAQ with a market cap of $2 billion. He also grew Re/Max of Indiana to 1200 sales associates and $4.5 billion a year in sales. He has written 2 New York Times Bestselling books that have been translated into 35 languages and has been featured in 8 movies, including the blockbuster hit “The Secret” and “Quest For Success” with Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama. Today, he is CEO of NeuroGym, a company dedicated to using the most advanced technologies and evidence-based brain training methods to help individuals strengthen their mindset so they unleash their inner power and maximize their results.

About Lisa

Lisa Wimberger is the founder of the NeuroSculpting® Institute. She holds a master’s degree in education, a foundations certification in NeuroLeadership, and a certificate in medical neuroscience.

Lisa is the author of “New Beliefs, New Brain: Free Yourself from Stress and Fear” and “NeuroSculpting: A Whole-Brain Approach to Heal Trauma, Rewrite Limiting Beliefs, and Find Wholeness.”

Ready to Start? Join Today!
Who should join us?
  • If you are looking to move beyond your self-imposed limitations
  • If you are looking to get clear on your goals and a path to success
  • If you are looking for ways to accelerate your own potential
  • If you are looking for a process to define your purpose and mission
  • If you are looking to free yourself from the grip of old patterns
  • If you are looking to bring more of yourself to relationships, personal life and business
I learned how to be friends with my brain. I also learned to accept and love myself just the way I am. These two things brought great transformation for me but I also learned how to calm down my fight or flight or freeze response quickly and easily so I can show my best self to the world. Neurosculpting is life transformative!! I will never stop practicing Neurosculpting and I will always want to share its transformational power with others
- Connie Woythal -
Here’s Everything You’ll Get...
Harness Your Personal Power
  • Downloadable 40-60 minute transcripts of each conversation with our world-famous mindset experts [$300 value]
  • Powerful custom guided meditations based on the featured speaker topic [$100 value]
  • Worksheets to help you activate and embody the content [$100 value]
  • Access to a private online community + Facebook group [$75 value]
  • A lively discussion session on the conversation with a mindset expert [$100 value]
PLUS, these special
  • BONUS #1: A candid conversation with Elena Bower [$50 value]
  • BONUS #2: Body Relaxation Guided Meditation [$50 value]
  • BONUS #3: Recentering & Releasing Overwhelm Guided Meditation [$50 value]
  • BONUS #4: Demystifying the Law of Attraction Video Class [$50 value]
  • Downloadable 40-60 minute transcripts of each conversation with our world-famous mindset experts [$300 value]
  • A powerful monthly custom guided meditation based on the featured speaker topic [$100 value]
  • A monthly worksheet to help you activate and embody the content [$100 value]
  • Access to a private online community + Facebook group [$75 value]
  • A lively monthly discussion session on the conversation with a mindset expert [$100 value]
PLUS, these special
  • BONUS #1: A candid conversation with Elena Bower [$50 value]
  • BONUS #2: Body Relaxation Guided Meditation [$50 value]
  • BONUS #3: Recentering & Releasing Overwhelm Guided Meditation [$50 value]
  • BONUS #4: Demystifying the Law of Attraction Video Class [$50 value]
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Total Value: $1015

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Frequently Asked Questions
How can we help you?
How long can I access the program materials?

As long as you purchase the entire series you will have access for you to reference.

How much time should I spend on each topic every week?

Each week’s live content is between 40-60 minutes. How much time you put into the worksheet activity and doing the meditations at home is entirely up to your own schedule.

Am I able to download the materials?

Yes you can download all the worksheet, transcripts and video materials.

What if I can’t show up for the live training and discussion sessions in the group?

That is okay they will be recorded and archived in the Facebook group.

Harness Your Personal Power
ALL for just
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