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Minimize Stress, Extend Your Life

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Sometimes we search for cures for symptoms and ignore the cause.  Stress, even low but chronic levels, is the most important variable factor in determining life-span according to “Wired” (neuroscience magazine).  It’s no joke that meditation is at the top of the list for effective treatments for stress, along with lifestyle changes like diet and exercise.  While stress is insidious, the equation is simple.  Don’t rely only on elaborate magic pills, just do the work everyday and you’ll find you’ve been taking bites of the pill your whole life.  What ONE thing can you do today to minimize your stress?

NSI is excited to bring you the first online Neurosculpting® series beginning Sept 3!  Now there are no excuses.  You can learn this from the comfort of your own home, even in your pajamas!  Click here for full 6-week course details.

Lisa Wimberger
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