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Navigating the Inner Realms

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We spend lots of time learning how to navigate people, things, situations, environments and any other external influence we can think of.  But it is the inner navigation, called interoception, that can be pivotal in our ability to heal and be compassionate in the world.  The quiet information and stories our nervous systems tell us about our inner states can be easily drowned out by the din of thoughts and the outer world.  Dr. Stephen Porges, author of The Polyvagal Theory notes that “interoception becomes the foundation of physical, psychological, and social development”. (79)  What would your day be like if you quieted down and heard the message your gut was trying to tell you?  What more is possible when we cultivate interoception?

If you are interested in developing interoception, then consider this 6-week online Neurosculpting® series beginning Sept 3.  Register now for a “pick your price” option!

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