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Become a Neurosculpting® Trainer!

Take Advantage of this Franchise Opportunity and Begin Your Career.

Note: Franchises will not be sold in a particular state or country unless and until our Franchise Disclosure Document has been registered by us in that state.

The first step is to take the certification pre-requisite package which includes 5 introductory classes, and both the Warrior One and Warrior Two online self-paced immersions.  It is the 5 introductory classes, along with the rest of the introductory curriculum you will be certified to teach once you graduate from certification training.

Finally, now that you’ve taken your introductory classes and both Warrior immersions you should email our Manager of Trainers, Megan Rundle at You can inquire about enrollment and she will answer any questions and invite you to look over our agreement paperwork. Our certification training meets for 6 – 8 live sessions, and includes take-home video instruction and a teaching practicum. This certification prepares you to apply a deeper level of basic neuroscience to your neurosculpting® practice. You’ll receive and practice more skills, group facilitation, nutrition training with our nutritional therapist, and business education on creating your Neurosculpting practice. This certification is only offered twice a year, and has a select number of remote spots available via video conference. As a certified trainer you are also considered a franchise owner who now has the rights and licensing to teach this modality and build your business as big as you’d like! We have amazing business support systems and materials waiting for you!

Why become a trainer and coach?

If you’ve ever wanted to work for yourself and own your own business doing something transformational and rewarding, then teaching Neurosculpting® classes or coaching with it in a private practice is a powerful way to give back to your community and create income.  Many of our certified classroom facilitators have gone on to create thriving practices all over the country.

What are the benefits of becoming a trainer and coach?

Those who are certified become members of our coaching community. You will be assigned a mentor who will observe your first teaching experiences and help you get started. You’ll gain the wisdom of those who are further down the road on a path you’ve chosen. You will be able to attend all other community member classes and events as a way to enhance your skills, as we are a non-competition based model. You will have your private practice and services listed in the NSI directory for a broader reach to a global community. You’ll also have an opportunity to teach directly at NSI if you choose to. All of this is in addition to the unlimited potential you will create as a Neurosculpting® Facilitator and Coach in your own community. As a franchise owner you gain the use of the licensed Neurosculpting® trademark, the support of our NSI marketing materials, access to promotional media tools, and the backing of an institution pioneering this healing work in the field of neuroplasticity!

This Tier 1 Facilitator training is first tier certification designed for those interested in teaching the Introductory Neurosculpting® programs or taking their Neurosculpting® skills to a much deeper level.

When you have fulfilled ALL of the pre-requisites noted in the blue Tier 1 Certification Path chart THEN you can apply to the certification program outlined below.

Those who graduate from this program will have a firm handle on how to apply Neurosculpting® in daily life in both their personal and professional circles.  Graduates of this program will be able to teach the trademarked Neurosculpting® Introductory level programs.

This course is broken into onsite modules and an additional sixteen hours of our pre-recorded Eating For a Healthier Brain curriculum delivered via an on-demand video platform.


Check out our calendar for details!

Check out Lisa’s video explaining certification and its benefits!

Certification Program Modules include:

NSFT Studies in Emotional Regulation and the Brain and the Reward Response

NSFT Studies in the Prefrontal Cortex as the Social Brain

NSFT Studies in Food and the Brain’s Plasticity

NSFT Studies in Leadership and Emotional Triggers

NSFT Studies in the Business of Neurosculpting®

NSFT Facilitating for Groups and Classrooms part 1

NSFT Facilitating for Groups and Classrooms part 2

Teaching Practicum

Purchase Required Reading Here: New Beliefs, New Brain and Neurosculpting – A Whole-Brain Approach to Heal Trauma, Rewrite Limiting Beliefs, and Find Wholeness.

Program Investment: $3,150.00. (Pre-requisite costs are not included. Tuition includes program, mentorship, listing in our directory for the first calendar year, digital marketing package, moderated forums, peer network groups and events, 3 live calls a month for best practices and support)

What if I don’t live in Colorado?

We have reserved space for nine applicants to enroll via google hangouts for those interested in distance learning.

Do I work for NSI when I graduate?

No. After graduation you are full franchise owner of your own Neurosculpting® business. As a trainer you are free to teach the approved classes in your own community. However, we pride ourselves on our amazing community so we offer ongoing trainer meet ups, group discussions, best practices trainings, coaching, marketing support, and lots more.

Email our Manager of Trainers, Megan Rundle at to inquire about enrolling and to view our operations agreement before you embark on this amazing journey!

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