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Neurosculpting® Fellow Certification

What is Neurosculpting® Fellow certification?

Neurosculpting® Fellow training is the second tier of Neurosculpting® certification.

What does Neurosculpting® Fellow certification include that other Neurosculpting® certification programs do not?

Neurosculpting® Fellows are certified to teach Everyday Warrior Level 1 as outlined by the Neurosculpting® Institute. Neurosculpting® Fellows are also certified to fine-tune Neurosculpting® programs and modify them for specific needs as approved by the Neurosculpting® Institute.

Neurosculpting® Fellows are given access to the Neurosculpting® body-of-knowledge portal on Google Drive, which is constantly being updated.

Neurosculpting® Fellows will continue to receive a 50% discount off of all intro-level Neurosculpting® Institute programs and classes (not including Everyday Warrior Level 3 or Tier 2 certification module).

What are the requirements for enrolling in a Neurosculpting® Fellow certification program?

Enrollees in the Neurosculpting® Fellow certification program must have completed Neurosculpting® Facilitator certification and must have worked as a Neurosculpting® Facilitator for at least 100 hours in order to be considered for the Neurosculpting® Fellow program.

Enrollees in the Neurosculpting® Fellow certification program must also again successfully complete Everyday Warrior Level 1 (with your Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator discount), or have successfully completed the program twice within the previous three years.

If you meet these requirements please follow this link to apply!  

What’s involved in the Neurosculpting® Fellow certification program?

In addition to successfully completing the Neurosculpting® Facilitator program, Neurosculpting® Fellow applicants must:

  • Successfully complete the Everyday Warrior Level 3 course.
  • Successfully complete the Tier 2 certification module.
  • Mentor at least two new trainees graduating as Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitators; this process will include an initial facilitation observation and any necessary feedback sessions or crisis support as needed.
  • Write a two-page report about each mentorship after six months; the report should focus on the lessons learned as a mentor. (Further report guidelines will be available on the portal.)
  • Write four articles that reference current neuroscience, mindfulness, diet or other appropriate research as it applies to the practice and application of Neurosculpting® in everyday life. These articles should be published and hosted on your own blog, or you may also submit them for publication to the Neurosculpting® blog. (Submission will not guarantee publication.)
  • Submit a white paper to our annual Neurosculpting® Journal in the form of a case study, testimonial or another form of feedback from private clients or students/mentees. (Specific guidelines for creating your white paper will be available on the portal.)

What happens after successfully completing the Neurosculpting® Fellow Tier 2 certification process?

After successfully meeting all of the above guidelines, Neurosculpting® Fellow applicants must agree to meet the following standards in order to maintain their Neurosculpting® Fellow certification:

  • Neurosculpting® Fellows are expected to continue to contribute to the Neurosculpting® body of knowledge by writing either four articles (as outlined above) or one white paper (as outlined above) each year. Articles must be published on a personal blog or submitted for publication with the Neurosculpting® Institute; white papers must be submitted for publication to the Neurosculpting® Journal.
  • Neurosculpting® Fellows are expected to practice actively and must log at least 50 hours each year of Neurosculpting® Facilitation in addition to taking 20 hours of additional Neurosculpting® training each year.
  • Neurosculpting® Fellows are also expected to continue their education. Neurosculpting® Fellows must complete 10 hours of continuing education each year, either through programs at the Neurosculpting® Institute or through other educational opportunities (these must be checked with the Neurosculpting® Institute educational programming staff to ensure they are compliant with Neurosculpting® standards).
  • The annual certification renewal fee beginning in your second year as a Neurosculpting® Fellow is $300, which includes the tuition for half of the required 20 hours of classes each year with Founder, Lisa Wimberger. The first year’s fee is included in the cost of the Tier 2 certification module; continued access to the Neurosculpting® body of knowledge portal, the Neurosculpting® Fellow e-mail list and the other Neurosculpting® Fellow privileges are contingent upon annual payment.
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