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Can Your Choices Alter Your Sperm’s Genetic Code?

Can your choices alter your sperm’s genetic code?

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The verdict is in!

We live in a time where we finally understand the smallest bit about our own power of influence over our DNA.  Let’s not be selfish…eating right, exercising and manage your stress isn’t just for you, it’s for the health and well-being of your offspring.

It’s now known that oxidative damage, which can come from stress patterns in the body, result in mitochondrial and telomere damage in sperm cells.  This means that the more you stress and the less you eat right, the more damage you are directly inflicting on the inheritable traits of the DNA in your sperm cells.

Oxidative_stressSorry ladies, you don’t really have control over this.  Men, this doesn’t stop with you.  It is passed on to your offspring and leads to embryonic mutations and even infertility.

What legacy are we passing on to our children when we choose to drink Mountain Dew rather than eat some antioxidant-rich vegetables?  What are we passing on to our sons and daughters when we choose poor coping methods over meditation and Neurosculpting®.

Science is showing us it’s not just about us.  In this clinical abstract in NCBI it’s noted that “Various lifestyle modifications (such as the increased intake of fruits and vegetables, exercise, meditation, yoga, cessation of smoking, and reduction in alcohol intake) can improve the health of the sperm genome and result in normal embryonic development and the birth of healthy offspring.”

What could you do differently today to ensure your children has the best genetic advantages?

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