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Neurosculpting® Has Healed Every Single Relationship In My Life By: Kelley Seriano

Neurosculpting® Has Healed Every Single Relationship in My Life by: Kelley Seriano

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Raised in a family of 5 kids, as the youngest, I prided myself on getting along with them all. Until….I left Chicago to make my own. My family called it crazy, a leap of faith….were concerned about me. I felt euphoric, empowered and ready to take on the world! No doubt I found nets that would catch me, yet – leaving the nest was the scariest thing for me EVER! I found myself without the same security I was exposed to in Chicago; I left my best friend – older sister Chrissy. I left my parents who just adored me and cheered me on the whole way and I left my darling sister Michelle and my adorable nephews. Yet, I was on my way to make it for myself.

Growing up clairvoyant and psychic – I thought we all shared this ability. To my surprise, NOT AT ALL TRUE. So, with this, I was struggling to communicate on how much I loved and appreciated them, I was struggling for the words explaining to them what I was set out to do, my mission in life. I was communicating with my higher self constantly. I knew this was a new path for me that I had to take – so there I went. When they cried I could not even express emotion back to them. I spent 4 years away, really struggling with each and every person in my family. When I went home for the holidays one year, I wasn’t invited into their home, so I stayed in a hotel.

6835485814_c83078432f_zAnd then….while living in Colorado I met Lisa Wimberger, who I am delighted to call my friend….closest thing to a best friend I have ever experienced. Lisa guided me through my first Neurosculpting® meditation session, for the first time, I felt my own voice! Things from the past that would charge me up were becoming non issues AND I felt really safe with Lisa. Community started organically building around me and I was open to people who thought and looked differently than me. All of a sudden, I found that I was going to weekend intensives and getting certified to coach others in the meditation called Neurosculpting®. So, after I had graduated with my first level of certifications, I started creating these Facebook invites for the sessions I was going to throw and I saw my family was starting to accept the invitations! Boy O Boy, I was glowing and in tears….thinking wow, they want to hear what I have to say. Neurosculpting® put me in a centered and much more grounded place, allowing the past to be just that, my family and I never once brought up any of the past. Instead we are all staying present, as they continue to cheer me on as I facilitate Neurosculpting®.

You may be wondering …how did this happen? Is Neurosculpting® 3248483447_95d2e9957a_zmagic? Well, I have learned that magic happens when we can bring ourselves into a parasympathetic state verse a sympathetic state. When we can truly ground down into our personal power and when we have the courage to say hello or place a call when needed. There are many tools in Neurosculpting® and I am using them all. In addition to my family, I have been receiving apologies from lovers and wrong doers from over 5 years ago. It even brought me back to a friend I hadn’t spoken to in 15 years. Some say, Neurosculpting® is for everyone and I say Why Not?

-Kelley Seriano

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