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Neurosculpting® Through Life by Kelly Seriano, CNSF

Life gets busy and with that, our minds can race. Even positive stuff that we love doing can have a toll on the body. Often when our minds race, stories which aren’t even true form in the mind. These can be negative thoughts or ideas about how you may or may not show up in the world. You may even find you are obsessed with ‘stupid’ stuff. Sometimes old wounds or stories creep back into our mind when we are very busy and rushing all around unable to take care of ourselves. 

Our prefrontal cortex, which is our best self, becomes exhausted! So as the prefrontal cortex exhausts, the limbic part of the brain takes over into a fight-or-flight situation, which often isn’t applicable to most life situations. Between managing work, relationships, and other commitments, our waters get muddy. Awareness seems to become foggy, our priorities shift, and we may even lose sight of the big picture as the TO DOs pile on our desk. Soon, you may find you are stretched and starting to experience emotional overload. You may start skipping meals because there is no time, take shortcuts at work because it’s faster, and even not get adequate sleep due to, again, not enough time. Let’s face it: that is not a fun person to be around. Often, people suffer around you. 

In this exhausted state of so much going on, short term gratification suddenly overrides long term success and you wonder why you feel all shaken up with negative impacts on your health and intrapersonal relationships. Just like you give your car an oil change, it’s critical to tune up your brain. I help you do this by allowing the body to come into a state of rest and digest. I guide you through a story where you are the author. Take back control and power over your day and mindset in Neurosculpting® Through Life: the class where we clear the clutter.

Join Kelly Seriano, CNSF for Neurosculpting Through Life on July 27th 2pm-4pm MDT to “clear the clutter!”


Kelly Seriano, CNSF

While managing her 18 year corporate career, through extensive education, commitment and the study of Neurosculpting® with the Neurosculpting® Institute, Kelley has cultivated even greater balance, authentic joy and has developed solid techniques for stress management.

Certified in yoga instruction and mat Pilates and practicing meditation allows Kelley to live her life fully while always growing to the next level of awareness! One of Kelley’s greatest joys is helping other people achieve stronger mental health and balance in their lives and sharing her gift of dedication and insight is how she will guide you in your journey to increased holistic health.

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