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Neurosculpting® To Navigate A Work-Life Balance By Emily Geisler, CNSF

Neurosculpting® to Navigate a Work-Life Balance by Emily Geisler, CNSF

 “Never get so busy living that you forget to make a life” – Dolly Parton 

Work-Life Balance is a trendy topic these days, successfully balancing your family, your career, your friends all while still maintaining time for yourself. This seems like it would be simple enough, unless your plate is already overflowing with to-do lists and responsibilities. More often than not, the person who gets left out in the work-life balance challenge is ourselves. Which leads to more stress and challenges as we don’t make time for eating right, exercising, sleeping enough, or self-care, ultimately adding to the unbalance.

It is said that we spend 1/3 of our lives working and 1/3 of our lives sleeping. That leaves the other 1/3 of our lives for time with family, kids, pets, chores, grocery shopping, exercising, social events, self-care, cooking & eating meals, attending any religious/social/nonprofit obligations, hobbies and all the other things on our to-do list. I’m not sure about you, but just thinking about trying to perfectly balance all of those things actually adds to the stress and leaves me feeling far from balanced. 

“There is no such thing as work-life balance – it is all life. The balance has to be within you.” – Sadhguru

Add in unexpected yucky things which life seems to throw our way such as illness, court battles, car breakdowns, financial struggles, and the concept of balance, or the idea of attaining it, pretty much feels impossible. Especially, when we are looking at the situation from a stressed-out state of mind. When we are stressed out, also known as being in our limbic brain (the area of the brain that activates and functions highly with stress), our big-picture thinking and problem-solving are traits which are not so easily accessible for us. Traits which we need to help us successfully navigate and balance a healthy work-life balance.

“Work-Life Balance is about creating a life that flows with you rather than a life you have to power through.” – Jamie Marie Wilson

This is where Neurosculpting® steps in. Neurosculpting® allows one to shift the brain out the limbic area over to our prefrontal cortex, the part of our brain that houses our big-picture thinking, problem-solving, love, and compassion. Once we are thinking with this part of our brain, Neurosculpting® then allows us to rewrite old, unbalanced, unhealthy patterns of thought into new, balanced, healthy, and productive ones. This process will, in turn, help you to gain the work-life balance that is best for you the more it is practiced and applied. 

For more clarity and tools for your work-life balance, join Emily Geisler Online or In-Person for  Neurosculpting® to Navigate a Work-Life Balance on August 3rd at 12pm-3pm MDT. 


Emily Geisler, CNSF

Emily has a passion for helping others and considers herself blessed be certified in Neurosculpting®. Educating and guiding others in the Neurosculpting® Process and helping them to regain control over their life is a joy both for her and her clients. She is super compassionate, personable, friendly, calming & sincere. The many benefits of Neurosculpting® have profoundly impacted her. She is truly a walking testimony of the reality of why Neurosculpting® is important and How much it can transform one’s life.

With first-hand experience in many traditional western therapies and medical practices for her diagnosis she found through personal life experience that nontraditional therapies and modalities were much more effective in managing her illnesses. When she discovered Neurosculpting® her life transformed in a matter of months in ways that doctors had said would probably never happen. Getting certified to share this powerful modality was the logical next step.

Aside from her Neurosculpting Practice, Emily volunteers regularly at Alatheia, a P.A.T.H. Intl. Therapeutic Riding Center, the Wenatchee Youth Circus, and TEAMS Early Learning Center. She is also working on her P.A.T.H. Intl. Certification and Health Coach Certification. She devotes her spare time to her family as well as her love for art and design, utilizing her talents to inspire healing, happiness and whimsy through all aspects of her work and life.

“I love helping others learn about Neurosculpting and become aware of just how much power and control we truly have over our own health and quality of life. It means so much to me because I’ve been there. I’ve been told that there was no hope. No cure. That I was Broken. For LIFE. Not only did NS teach me that I am not Broken, but it gave me exactly the tools I needed to control and overcome what so many doctors told me I never would. Not only does NS give one hope, but it gives you the tools to achieve it and so much more.”

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