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Nirvana, Located in our Brains?

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Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor is a remarkable individual who tours the world discussing the devastating and enlightening effects of the massive stroke that annihilated the left hemisphere of her brain.  With only her right hemisphere online for many years she notes, “No longer capable of perceiving temperature, vibration, pain, or proprioceptions (position of your limbs), your awareness of your physical boundaries shift. The essence of your energy expands as it blends with the energy around you, and you sense that you are as big as the universe.  those little voices inside your head, reminding you of who you are and where you live, become silent.  You lose memory connection to your old emotional self and the richness of the moment , right here, right now, captivates your perception.  Everything, including the life force you are, radiates pure energy.  With childlike curiosity, your heart soars in peace and your mind explores new way of swimming in a sea of euphoria….I believe the experience of Nirvana exists in the consciousness of our right hemisphere, and that at any moment, we can choose to hook into that part of our brain. . . Peace is only a thought away, and all we have to do to access it is silence the voice of our dominating left mind.” (My Stroke of Insight, 79, 111)  So why not access more Nirvana for yourself?  If you’d like to engage more of your right brain today try listening to some music, dancing, making some art, feeling, singing, and using more of your left side.

My Stroke of Insight

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