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Affordable Therapy

The Neurosculpting Institute helps you reduce your suffering by getting you into your body. There’s no need to struggle any longer with being stuck in your thoughts! Anxiety, depression, self-doubt, relationship challenges, PTSD and much of the other issues of life can be relieved by getting out of that monkey-mind and into your body.

One on One Work

Come work one-on-one with your personal guide to reduce your stress by becoming embodied.
Our therapy program gives you access to ground-breaking somatic, mindfulness and brain-shifting practices at an affordable sliding-scale rate. In session you’ll be deeply listened to and supported to find ways to reduce your confusion while increasing your ability to thrive at home, work and in all of your relationships.
The level of care you’ll receive in our Therapy program usually costs $120/hour and up. By utilizing the services of well-trained Naropa University graduate students you can access the life-changing work at a sliding scale price point that is within your financial comfort zone.

We hope all of you who want to improve your personal development, but may lack the financial resources for professional therapy, will consider taking advantage of this low-cost counseling program, it will reduce your stress and dis-ease while helping you to thrive!



About our Fees

This program is intended for clients who have a need for counseling services but lack the resources for full-priced psychotherapy.

Counseling by an NSI intern is on a sliding scale basis at a suggested cost of $20 to $50 per hour or more depending on ability to pay. We request that clients choose the appropriate fee based on income and life circumstances.


Erik Vienneau | Erik is dedicated to meeting people where they are along the path of wellness to offer opportunities to discover a more peaceful and health-filled life. Erik’s passion for mindfulness meditation, yoga and a healthy lifestyle prompted him to create Yoga Rocks the ParkFriday Night Yoga Club and most recently the AWAKE Mindful Living Community.

You’ll often find Erik on his meditation cushion, sharing the mindful life with others or keeping it simple and easy with friends and family. He’s a Mindful Living Guide and Meditation Instructor who has studied under top instructors and participated in multiple long-term, silent meditation retreats in preparation to share the teachings. The driving force behind Erik’s life is to show others they are pure potential and not the self-limited thoughts that our minds often generate. He’s quick to share his life mantra “Peaceful Minds Create a Peaceful Planet” with all.

Contact our current intern Erik Vienneau by email or his cell 970.390.4318 to schedule your first appointment!

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