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9:2:am We often talk about how to organize, plan and create less stress, today we will focus on refining your organization process in order to maximize your brain’s resources.

Use the recycling bin/trash basket

organize items that are outdated, old notes, posts or invites for events that have already passed. They are NO LONGER needed, toss em’.  There’s no need wasting energy organizing items that will likely never get seen again or will be thrown away in a couple months.

Everything has it’s place, put it there now!

No need to organize and then re-organize, if you’ve got a spot for it, put it there right away! Making piles as an intermediary step for something that can be done in the moment just creates more work for your brain.  Expert Tip: Try to touch something only once.

Calendar 3 Procrastinating and rescheduling, this is a HUGE energy waster.

Thinking about tasks you must complete over and over instead of just executing them wastes time and energy. Plan times to complete your tasks, and do your best not to reschedule! Rescheduling keeps your brain engaged in planning and executing that task far longer than is necessary. Planning and execution takes prefrontal activity which could be better used for emotional regulation and self-motivation.

neurosculpting_institute_megan_rundle.jpgMegan Rundle

Megan has been a part of the Neurosculpting® community for the past four years and has enjoyed managing our growing trainer community for the past two.   With her experience in sales and managerial work she brings a unique base and flow for the Neurosculpting® team.   Megan is an excellent communicator and problem solver, a dedicated Yoga practitioner and a generally healthy living lady. She is a perfectionist but is aware that not everyone is, she has an open mind and has plenty of experience managing all different types of people from all walks of life. Megan has traveled and volunteered throughout Asia and Hawaii living a mindful lifestyle and absorbing all she can through the environment and her relationships. Some of her personal enjoyments include; going to live shows, practicing Yoga, walks with her family, and spending time with friends. Megan currently lives in Denver, Colorado with her partner Don, the family dog James Franco and their new baby Tripp!! Contact Megan at

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