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Bronze Membership

$240.00 $175.00

Are you new to meditation? Need the support of a group setting? This program is for you.



Are you new to meditation? Need the support of a group setting?  For those who are just learning and need support and help the Bronze Membership Package is for you. Get your feet wet in the Neurosculpting meditation package. While this may be a beginner package, it is robust in content and drops you right into your Neurosculpting community.  This Bronze package is packed with content and live guidance seminars:

    • 8 of Lisa Wimberger’s guided audio meditations that you can listen to and work with over and over again at your own pace.  
    • First Friday Monthly Meditation: Live 30 minutes online event guided by Lisa Wimberger and available for download playback for those who can’t attend live.
    • First Monday Monthly Special Topics Discussion: Live 30 minute dialogue guided by Lisa Wimberger about how to cope with real life situations using self regulations, tools, and meditation. 
    • Seasonal videos giveaways.
    • 10% discount on classes at the Neurosculpting Institute for one year.

Have you been considering trying out meditation?  Bronze Membership is a comprehensive and supportive package and offers the perfect opportunity to start your Neurosculpting journey.   

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