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Changing Your Relationship To Addictions & Habits – 3 Part Audio Series


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Enjoy this audio capture of our most powerful mini-series. Over three sessions and six hours, you’ll learn the basic brain dynamics of an addiction cycle. You’ll learn how the brain defaults to pattern creation for efficiency and a sense of familiarity. You’ll identify the way our brain’s reward networks hijack us even when we think we know better. Finally, you’ll learn the five-step Neurosculpting® process to navigate those patterns differently and “hijack the hijack”! You will have hands-on guidance in the Neurosculpting® process of meditation and mental entrainment in multiple guided exercises. This class also includes a meditation template you can apply to everyday life and practical exercises for day to day application.

We highly recommend you do this three-part series over three weeks, giving yourself a week in between sessions to do the assigned homework and observation exercises.


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Please also enjoy this free 1-hour video class as a visual aid where you’ll get to see the brain sections discussed in class.

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