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Creating a Healthy Relationship with Money – 1.5 hour Neurosculpting® Meditation Course


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Money is far more than currency. For most of us money represents freedom, choice, power, comfort, and status. We use words like worth and value when discussing money, words that can easily come to represent beliefs we hold about ourselves. We have an intimate, energetic, and psychological relationship with money – our own money paradigm.

But like any relationship, our involvement with money can become dysfunctional and codependent. Money must serve what is most important in our own lives, but our lives should not serve money.

Join us in this introductory class where you’ll explore your own energetic relationship to money and how you can shift it to better serve your life. We will go on two guided Neurosculpting® meditations in which you’ll rewrite your own money paradigm. No experience necessary.

This is the audio capture of a live class.

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For a great compliment to this class and a visual aid support for the various brain structures Lisa talks about, enjoy this video.

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