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Law Of Attraction Demystified – 2.50 Hour Neurosculpting Meditation Course


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Enjoy this 2.5-hour audio capture of one of our most popular workshops. If you ever wanted to know how to attract in a different life, you first have to know more about the neurobiology behind how we create patterns and then experience life based on those patterns. Mantras are great, but frankly, it’s not that simple. You’ll learn about how the brain creates patterns, how we exercise selective blindness, and how we default to only recognizing that which we believe to be true. Finally, you’ll learn the five-step Neurosculpting® process to navigate those patterns differently and undo the limiting patterns! You will have hands-on guidance in the Neurosculpting® process of meditation and mental entrainment in multiple guided exercises. This class also includes a meditation template you can apply to everyday life and practical exercises for day to day application.


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As a visual aid support where you’ll get to see the brain sections discussed in class, please enjoy this free 1-hour video class as well!

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