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The Neurobiology of Goal-Setting & Motivation – 1.5 Hour Neurosculpting® Meditation Course


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In this introductory audio class, you’ll explore the neurobiology responsible for those moments when you’ve motivated yourself to reach your goals AND the process behind those moments of self-sabotage and lack of motivation.  Discover the amazing process of neural communication and learn ways to influence that chemistry and physiology.  You’ll identify new ways in which you can spark your own sense of self-motivation, find enthusiasm for your passions, and reach your goals. You’ll learn the Neurosculpting® process of meditation and mental entrainment and experience a guided meditation in which you begin to reprogram your relationship to self-motivation and goal attainment.

This is the audio capture of a live class.


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As a visual aid support where you’ll get to see the brain sections discussed in class, please enjoy this free 1-hour video class as well!

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