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Programming and Rewiring your Brain through Technology

There are many different ways to stimulate brain activity through electrical, mechanical, and frequency manipulation.  Yet, there is a simple and practical way to use the technology at arm’s reach to help you calm down your fight-or-flight center and engage your higher order thought processes.  Meditation addresses this very cycle.  What if you were to set your phone alarm to beep twice a day — each time signaling you to take three minutes to do deep breathing and focus on the body.  By the end of a few weeks you will have created an easy mindfulness practice that offers vast healing potential.  Consider this: You may even develop a reward and relaxation response to the alarm tone so that when the phone beeps the process begins before you even start to focus on your breath.  Studies show that sounds accompanying stimuli will eventually be linked to the effect of the stimuli even in the absence of those same factors.  What more is possible if you could use your daily technology for the benefit of your body and brain?

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