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Stepping Bravely into Wholeness – Excerpt from “Neurosculpting”

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Are you living fully? Do you end each day with a full exhale knowing that you created each moment with intention, vibrance, and your best self? If your answer is “no”, then you are quite normal. And if you’re tired of being normal, then you can take comfort knowing that in each and every moment you have the ability to use your thoughts to sculpt your life and neurology with a guiding consciousness. This is our gift of neuroplasticity.

Although I wrestled with the concept of death as a very real and imminent option for far too long, I am not unique. Death is a very imminent option for you as well, but for the most part, we don’t think about it that way. I’ll bet you don’t normally think the next bite of lunch will be your last or that the magazine you’re reading in the bathroom may be the last thing you ever see. You probably don’t focus on the literal fact that this may be the very last sentence you ever read. Instead, we easily drift into the illusion that we have the next minute, the next hour, and even tomorrow. We plan for events in the future with excitement in the belief that we will be alive to see them come to fruition. This is a gift that keeps us moving forward, and it can also be a hindrance that causes us to go about our days as an automaton and without reverence. What if you didn’t have the illusion of tomorrow to hold on to? What if today was your very last day? How would you live your life differently? Would you step bravely into your wholeness? – excerpt from Neurosculpting: A Whole-Brain Approach to Heal Trauma, Rewrite Limting Beliefs, and Find Wholeness


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