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Stress is Killing You

Are you setting yourself up for a stress related disease?  Are you shortening your own lifespan?  Over time, the allostatic load of stress on the body can no longer be mitigated by the sympathetic nervous system. We end up with…


Are You Training Your Brain to Beat Depression?

It actually seems like it should be a no-brainer (pardon the pun) at this point, but science is still experimenting with using positive imagery to beat depression.  Fortunately, they are still finding that it does.  The most interesting new finding…


What’s Your Excuse?

Recent research this century has shown that meditation is applicable to, and effective for, depression, anxiety, panic disorder, stress, emotional regulation, addictions, psychosis, neurogenesis, dimentia, memory recall, cognitive acuity, pain management, somatic symptom control, hormonal regulation, genetic functioning, sports performance,…

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