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Beauty is in the Brain of the Beholder

We used to think beauty was in the eye of the beholder. We attribute so much of our sighted world to the complex workings of the eyes.They eyes are a most remarkable part of the brain. Yes, the eyes are…


Oxytocin – The Dark Side of the Love Molecule

With the recent popularity of neuroscience for public consumption the neurotransmitter Oxytocin has gained the nick-name "The Love Molecule". Who wouldn't want more love, right? This neurotransmitter is know to be the bonding chemical released during sex, a mother and…


I resent your tone of voice!

Although there can be too much generalization out there about being either right-brained or emotional beings, or left-brained logical beings, one thing seems clear to neuroscience: we default to prosody, or tone of voice, over the semantic meaning of words…


Cynicism May be Leading You to Dementia

Do you suspect others have ulterior motives more often than not? Do you feel that others only assist you because they'll want something in return? If you tend to look at the world through this lens you may be more…


It Takes a Village — a Community of Neurons

To be our animated best selves requires us to be in a graceful electro-chemical choreography. All of our actions, thoughts, desires, emotions and behaviors are physiologically the result of networked neural activity in the brain.  One neuron's "voice" alone does not…


Dropping In? Or Dropping Out?

My journey to Neurosculpting® has been long, winding, contained many detours and more dead-ends than I care to remember. I started my working life as a filmmaker and video producer, (and somehow wound up as a software developer) but had…


A Path to Empowerment

There are many paths to personal empowerment. Some are spiritual, others mental or emotional; yet it's the rare path that enfolds all aspects of our lives into the process.  What if you could invite and engage your analytical self, or…

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